“So why in the world do I need an engagement photoshoot?” The main reason to have a pre-wedding/engagement shoot is to make your wedding photos perfect. Most couples are not professional models and often have not done a professional shoot before, so the engagement shoot will give them a chance to let go of their nerves and also use the session as trial for the big day. The result will be better more natural wedding photos.

Here are a few reasons to have a engagement  shoot along with photos from some engagement shoots around Johannesburg:

1. Learn to pose

Engagement Shoot Braamfontein

Most couples think that they don’t know how to pose and want to be perfect at posing for their wedding day. Fortunately, you shouldn’t worry about posing as this your photographer’s responsibility. So the engagement shoot will be like a crash course on posing for couples and a chance for your photographer to find out which poses work for you and your body type. An engagement shoot will help you get comfortable with your photographer and your photographer will know your limits for posing and what you are comfortable to do in front of the camera.

2. Get to know your photographer

It is always a good idea to spend time with your photographer before the actual wedding happens.  With a pre-wedding shoot, you can ask your photographer all the questions that bug you and you get to understand how they work and how you want them to work with you to create a better wedding photos. There is nothing worse than meeting your photographer for the first time at your wedding only to find out he/she’s an asshole.
Rambo Extreme Photographer

3. Create a message board or a slideshow

For something truly special, you can blow up one of your engagement shoot photos into A1 or A0 and have your friends and family leave you a nice message as they enter the reception venue. This can be something you can hang on your wall in your new house ;-). Some of my couple like to put up TV screens at the reception and have a slideshow of the engagement shoot photos. Sometimes I’m able to provide photos from the wedding on the day for the slideshow even.
Message Board from engagement shoot

4. Guest Album

This is similar to the message board above but offers you something more private and intimate for people that don’t prefer to hang a huge canvas on the wall for anybody that walks in the house. This is something you can put away and pull out a few years later and read through. The idea is to let your guests leave you messages on your pre-wedding shoot album. The signature guest book can become a keepsake which you can flip through and remember your day and the well-wishes of the people who were with you.

5. Nice Photos for the wedding website And invitations

Great photos make a great website. This is not just true of wedding websites this is true of all websites. Great photosgraphs add to the visual appeal. The same applies to wedding invitations if you want to use photos, use professional photos.
mpho+bongi igallery

6. A chance to dress up

This is your chance to dress up. What bride doesn’t like to dress up or dress down? Use the pre-wedding shoot as a big dress-up party. I usually have my couples change outfits at least once during a shoot. One super relaxed casual,  maybe even shorts and t-shirt and then something a little more formal-ish. This was an engagement shoot i did at maboneng with a couple from the Bahamas. They wanted something uniquely South African. So that’s what we did. View their full shoot.
Couple shoot maboneng

7. Use it as your hair and makeup trial

A pre-wedding shoot is a great way to test your hair stylist and makeup artist before the big day. You’ll get to see how you’ll look in professional photos, and advise your style team if you want any adjustments made for your wedding.

8. Show your friends how in love you guys are 🙂

Because, They must know asidlali la, We’re in love, we’re not playing games ????
They must know. Asidlali

So go out there have fun. Get creative. Get stupid.

About The Author
Tali Luvhengo Tali Luvhengo is a Johannesburg based wedding photographer with over 3 years experience in wedding photography. His style is documentary and candid. Get in touch with him on 0826481882/tali@blackdotphotography.co.za