There are two types of brides. Those that freak out and those that freak out less :). Those that don’t freak out are an anomaly. They are the White Antelope of brides, rarely seen but you know they exist. I’ve put together a list of the most common fears brides and grooms have expressed in my 3 years as a wedding photographer. Hopefully it helps you calm down a little.

1. I Can’t pose.

Women can pose. All of them. Most women have a good base for posing mostly because they have seen someone else do it, either from watching Beyonce on TV or friend(s) having fun posing at a party. I cannot tell you the number of times I say “give me sexy” and women just know to put one or both hands on their hips and pop their hip.

That being said, posing is not your responsibility, it’s your photographer’s responsibility. Posing is possibly the single hardest thing about photography, next to understanding light and the business aspect. It is your photographer’s responsibility to understand what works best for you, your character and your body type.

I cannot stress this enough, arrange a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer. Some photographers offer it as extra, some as part of their package. But it is a good idea to have one because it solves a couple of things: 1. You learn to pose for the wedding day as most of the poses at the pre-wedding shoot, will be repeated at the wedding. 2. You get to know and be comfortable with your photographer. 3. Your photographer gets to know your limits and what you will do in front of camera and he can work within your comfort zones or see how far he can push them ?.

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2. He can’t pose.

Posing men is easier because all men want to do is look cool. Women are more complex and have so many different looks and personalities. A woman can look shy, feisty, demure, sexy, playful…I could go on. This is something you shouldn’t worry too much about. Man just want to look strong, confident and cool. Like they physically went and put the sun in the sky this morning. Which is easy with the correct guidance. When in doubt as a groom, put one hand in the pocket and relax. Find something to lean against. Get your photographer to understand and make you feel comfortable.

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3. I look so ugly in photos

You are beautiful and look just fine. Your photographer needs to see this and believe it to make the magic happen behind the camera. Photos capture the essence of who you are as a person. As long as you remember that the main objective is not to look like a super model but to be the best version of yourself. Do poses that make you feel comfortable and enhance your natural beauty in pictures. If you are not sure what to do, let your photographer guide you, remember it’s his/her job to lead you and bring out the best part of you.

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4. What if my photographer gets hit by a big red bus?

I’m a Software Developer when I’m not taking pictures and always work in a team of two. Every time we deploy a new piece of software, my colleague likes to use the phrase “Have you considered the big red bus?”

What that means is that does anybody else in the office know where/how to take over your work should anything happen to you, for example you get hit by a bus. So ask your photographer if they have a second photographer on standby. Most photographers work with an assistant who is capable of taking over should anything happen to them.

Back up photographer

5. What if my photographer loses my photos?

This is a logical fear because you cannot re-shoot a wedding. Well, you could try but that would be weird and you don’t want to be weird ??. Ask your photographer where he stores the photos from your wedding day. If the answer you get is only “on a hard drive at home”, run the other way. Let me elaborate with my backup system.

I get home from the wedding and copy the photos onto my hard drive. That hard drive is then backed up on to another one, so the photos are already in two places. I then copy them onto another hard drive that is kept outside the house/studio in case I get robbed or there is a fire at home and there is always someone else that knows where everything is kept. I don’t use cloud for raw files because they are just too big, I normally shoot 30-60Gb per wedding. So its easier for me to keep them in my hard drives, understand what your photographer’s back-up system is and what would happen is he/she lost all your photos.

Lastly, remember that when you your hire your photographer talk to him/her about all your concerns and explain your fears to him/her. As photographer, I am trusted with a huge responsibility of capturing the most important days of two people’s lives, so its vital to understand your fears and concerns are in order to address them. Not only are you expecting me to capture all the moments big small and everything in between, you are expecting me to create images that are beautiful, genuine and will bring tears and smiles to the person looking at them.

About The Author
Tali Luvhengo Tali Luvhengo is a Johannesburg based wedding photographer with over 3 years experience in wedding photography. His style is documentary and candid. Get in touch with him on 0826481882/